Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fairy-themed "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" Cre8time Event comes to the Seacoast

Hello, Gorgeouses!

We had a terrific time at Wentworth-Coolidge Center for the Arts at Drift Gallery, located at the Wentworth-Coolidge Historic Mansion in Portsmouth, NH, this past weekend.

Ali Goodwin, curator of the gallery, invited the "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" Cre8time Team to host a Fairy House Tour "Creative After-Party."  The event was designed to coincide with the renowned Annual Portsmouth Fairy House Tour that takes place in historic Portsmouth at the Gov. John Langdon House, Stawbery Banke and Pierce Island.

Three paper crafting projects were prepared specifically for attendees of the "Creative After-Party" to fashion their own personalized mementos of their day at the Portsmouth Fairy House Tour: picture frame, paper dolls and note card.  Find out more details leading up to the event HERE.

In anticipation of the event, Susan and I created a couple of videos (HERE) and (HERE) to present the latest introductions in paper crafting to the Seacoast, including:

We're prepped and ready to GO!

 Our first attendees dove right into the fun, stamping with Memento Ink and using Susan Tierney-Cockburn's coordinating stamps and die cuts by Sizzix ~

Using water brushes with Art GRIP Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils worked beautifully with the Memento-stamped fairy images ~ 

 Our little friend had much success die-cutting Susan Tierney-Cockburn's fairy paper doll pieces - all the pieces of the doll are combined in ONE die!  All that was needed was to joint the pieces of the creation together were the 4mm brads by the Eyelet Outlet ~

Our guests went on their merry way with a bag FULL of fairy-themed mementos that they were able to create and personalize all by themselves ~

Check out the images of us at Portsmouth Fairy House Tour the following day:
"Airy Fairy Houses" created by
Piper Boatworks 
We were all amazed by the minute
details of these creations ~
Catchin' that Fairy Feeling!

See you next year at the Portsmouth Fairy House Tour!

If you're interested in working with the "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" Cre8time Team to bring custom-designed "Cre8te and Take" projects to your event, please contact me for details.  It's a creative way to engage your customers and attendees, and have them leaving with warm smiles and accomplishment!

Craft On, Laurel

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Annual Fairy House Tour "Creative After-party!"

Hello, Gorgeouses!

I have a terrific announcement to make: NEPC is representing the "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" CRE8TIME Team THIS weekend at the Wentworth-Coolidge Center for the Arts at Drift Gallery of Contemporary Art with a free fairy-themed paper crafting event!

"New England Paper Crafts (www.NewEnglandPaperCrafts.com), is proud to announce their partnership with Drift Gallery  (www.Drift-Gallery.com) to expand fairy-themed projects to the Wentworth-Coolidge Center for the Arts on Saturday, September 21st, 2013, from 2 - 5pm at the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion in Portsmouth, NH. The “Inspire! New England Paper Crafts” CRE8TIME (www.CRE8TIME.org) event coincides with the Friends of the South End Fairy House Tour, which takes place on both Saturday and Sunday September 21 & 22 from 11-3pm in the historic South End of Portsmouth." **To download complete press release, please click HERE.

My angels with Fairy Houses author, Tracy Kane
The Annual Fairy House Tour brings over four thousand families to Portsmouth, NH at three locations: The Governor John Langdon House, Strawberry Banke and Piece Island.  My family looks forward to going to this renowned event every year.

When we get home following the event, we're just FILLED with fairy inspiration, and we will quickly take up crafting projects with that theme.

When I saw Susan Tierney-Cockburn's newest introduction for Sizzix, "Secret Garden," I thought it would be fun to use these creative designs and have the kids' friends come to the studio to join us for a fairy-themed "after-party"following our day at the Fairy House Tour.

Oh! Videos!
Introducing Sizzix Big Shot for "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" Cre8time Event 

Demo of free Fairy House Tour "Creative After-Party," 09/21/13, Portsmouth, NH 

Through my work as team leader of the "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" CRE8TIME Team, I, along with my teammates, dedicate ourselves to "Get OUT there!" and share our passion for paper crafts with others.  In support of our efforts, Ali Goodwin of Drift Gallery offered me the space at Wentorth-Coolidge Center for the Arts in order to offer this fairy-themed opportunity to everyone!  How great is that??

Thanks to Ali and our wonderful sponsors, I'm so {happy} to bring this FREE paper crafting event to the Seacoast!  Check out the beautiful products from these industry-leading companies that have gladly supplied this hands-on event:
Oh, you've GOT to check out what you can make easily at:
Their blog is INCREDIBLE, too!
I check it daily at:
I can't WAIT to show you the latest from
their "Design Memory Craft" collection
My studio is LOADED with a wide variety
these products.  It's amazing what you find
that you need at
Did you know The Eyelet Outlet is a local company?
The Pollard family has numerous coordinating products of
theirs filling our embellishment trays!
Oh, you'll get your hands on the latest die-cutting supplies, stamps, inks and paints that are on the market today!  Truly quality materials that are a gateway to your paper crafting and mixed media exploration.  
I will be on hand at this event to:
  • guide you through these fairy-themed projects with artful tips and inspiration, 
  • answer your questions about many of the newest art supplies on the market, 
  • direct you to wide variety of paper crafting and mixed media advice from designers in the field  throughout the New England region,
  • as well as offer sources for specialty tools and products from our local suppliers.
So, stop by - see what we're working on, try some free fairy-themed "Cre8te and Take" paper crafting projects for yourself, or just enjoy Drift Gallery at the picturesque seaside park of the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion.

We'd love to see you THIS Saturday, September 21st from 2 - 5pm, Wentworth-Coolidge Center for the Arts at Drift Gallery, 375 Little Harbor Road, Portsmouth, NH.  It's only one hour north of Boston, MA and one hour south of Portland, Maine.

In support of their exhaustive work, donations will gratefully be taken on behalf of the Friends of the South End.

Have you been on a Fairy House Tour before?  We'd love to hear about your experience and how it inspired you, too!

Craft On, Laurel

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gifts From the Heart

Hello, Gorgeouses!

I wanted to work up a little birthday gift for my wonderful sister. She shares my appreciation for beautiful stationary, so I wanted to make up a batch of "Thank You" notes that she would enjoy using.

Stephanie Barnard's "Flip-Its" cards by Sizzix are quick and easy to produce, which allowed afforded me the luxury of preparing a whole set, personalized just for her.

I was thankful for the Sizzix framelits, because I could tell where the cut line was going to be - right on the inside edge. That way, I could ensure which size die would be a perfect fit. I REALLY was down to the last of yhe coordinating scraps, so there was no room for error.

One tool I was thankful to have on hand was ScraPerfect's "Perfect Crafting Pouch." It really helped keep my embossing powder in check as I prepared to heat emboss, after I had already covered the paper full of various other inks.

What do you think? A great little package, don't you think? What have you made up for YOUR friends and family lately?

Happy Day, Laurel

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Right Back at It!

Hello, Gorgeouses!

The kiddies have jumped on the bus for their first day back to school. It's now time for me to get right back to crafting . . . I mean work. Yes, work {Wink!}

I wanted to create a little special note to send off with the kids to acknowledge this special day. I was successful in getting this quick project done this morning while the babes were still sleeping ~

The Sizzix mini envelope was just the inspiration I needed. The fine tip of ScraPerfect's "Best Glue Ever" really was exceptional as I worked to adhere the tiny flaps of the envelope.

I hid the little treasures in the kids' snack bags. I wish I could have seen their faces when they found them!

Tell me, what projects did you accomplish in order to make the 2013 "back-to-school" experience special?

Happy Day, Laurel

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"Ensuring the inspiring world of paper crafts continues to bloom."

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