Tuesday, November 6, 2012

. . . and THIS is why we {LOVE} our LSS!

I have known for MONTHS what I wanted to do for my niece's 15th birthday.  I had the opportunity to meet Dyan Reavely at Ink About It in Westford, MA, last spring and I immediately knew her bright colors and irreverent style would be PERFECT for the creative teenager. (Check my blog post about it HERE!)
We packed the van with my niece, sister, son and daughter for a Dyan Reavely sourcing trip to my local scrapbook store (LSS), Absolutely Everything - 45 minutes from my house in Topsfield, MA.  Editor's note: YES! they really do stock everything ~

We had a hearty greeting from Dallas when we arrived and we headed STRAIGHT to the back for AE's huge selection of Dyan Reavely products - "Dylusions."  I was instantly struck by the impression that the packaging for Dyan's line didn't do her work justice.  Since my niece didn't have experience with Dyan's fun, colorful (and dare I say, "impulsive?") style, I approached Dallas about the possibility of getting a quick Dylusions demo.  Even though the store was B.U.S.Y. that Sunday afternoon, she headed out back to check ~

She came right back and said, "Yes, as soon as she's out from her meeting, the owner will be happy to do it for you!"  Cool!  Kate Farricker's in the house!
After a bit, Kate came out and offered a warm welcome to us.  She invited us back to the store's studio space, where she had pulled together a great selection of Dyan's product from Ranger, Stamper's Anonymous, The Crafter's Workshop and, of course, paper towels - Oh! we were going to get inky!
Kate was wonderful, explaining about the different types of Ranger Archival Ink, Adirondack Acrylic Daubers and Dylusions Ink Sprays.  She shared a multiple of engaging techniques using Dylusions Stencils, stamps and one of Ranger's signature products: Tim Holtz Water Brush.
Needless to say, Kate's demonstration had us ALL inspired - my niece loaded up with everything (sprays, ink pad, stencil and stamps).  My little angel couldn't resist the sprays and, what can I say, my little guy could not leave without Ranger Inkssentials Pipette!

Don't forget - if Absolutely Everything isn't your local scrapbook store, they have their extensive offerings available for purchase online, too!  Your support will help my LSS stay STOCKED!!

Thanks so much to Kate Farricker, and her whole staff at Absolutely Everything, for taking the time, to drop everything, and inspiring a new generation of artists!  THIS is why we love our LSSes!

Happy Day, Laurel Lee


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    1. Yes, we're so {happy} Kate's in New England - and selling all your GREAT STUFF!

  2. Great post! I LOVE Dyan's products too. Love AE also, they do seem to have EVERYTHING. :-)

    1. Hi, Renee - and AE's ALWAYS stocked, no matter what time of year. I think she needs bigger baskets, too! ;)