Thursday, March 22, 2012

I've been "altered" by Dyan Reaveley

 Westford, MA: Dyan Reaveley's "Altered Art Book" class at Ink About It
Dyan Reaveley's "Altered Art Book"

Incredible!!  What a fantastic evening with Dyan Reaveley, Senior International Educator and Signature Designer at Ranger last night! The crew at Ink About it, including owners Linda Donovan and Lori Champine, were gracious hostesses, as always.  They happily invited the 15 class attendees to the work room, settling everyone effortlessly.  No surprise, the class was sold out.

"This in not art (slapping her big, fat art journal).  'Art' is what happens in the journey between picking up your supplies and having a finished piece." - Dyan

As the class made themselves at home, Dyan was meeting and greeting, saying "Hello!" with her bright English accent and animated (an understatement) smile.  She came to the event loaded with supplies, design samples, ideas and, best of all, an overwhelmingly encouraging attitude.

"I'll notice if you're precise.  I don't want to SEE you precise!" - Dyan

Members of the class were well familiar with Dyan's style, both artistic and personal self expression {if you've seen her, you're smiling now} so it was great fun to sit in with the bunch.  Many read her blog, caught promotional pieces by Ranger, or saw her streaming live with Tim Holtz on QVC-UK.

Between baby wipes (yes, she has a brand preference), gesso, Kraft Resist (she said it was "Tim's" and, obviously, we all knew which brand), and Dylusions Ink Sprays and Stamps, Dyan regaled us with personal stories and inspiration.

"Don't just spritz (the Dylusions Ink)!  You need to COMMIT!  I want to see puddles of ink!" - Dyan

She recounted her life as a young divorcee with four children, going back to college to become a barrister (lawyer), "You know, the ones that wear the wigs?"  Soon thereafter she became afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome that, for all intents and purposes, had her bedridden for almost 2 years.

"You better be nice to other people, you don't know what they're struggles are. . . Plus, Karma is a b**ch and it WILL come back to you."  - Dyan

Due to her illness, difficulty with her sight ensued, so reading and watching TV was nearly impossible.  To break the tedium, her mother would bring her pots to paint while she was recuperating in bed.  After a couple of years, she would work for 3 hours on Saturdays at a local craft store but she would have to sleep two days before and two days after in order have the energy to do it.

"There are 12 colors of Dylusions Sprays to share.  If it's in someone's hand, they're using it.  If it's NOT in someone's hand, they're NOT using it . . . and I don't want to see you hovering over someone if they are!" - Dyan

Her educating career started the day the teacher didn't show for the store's painted glass class and Dyan was appointed to take it on.  As time went on, the store owner decided to discontinue children's classes.    Dyan's "studio" started right then - with five children around her kitchen table.  That was eleven years ago.

"Organized people are just too lazy to look for things." - Dyan

Today, Dyan Reaveley has been the International Educator for Ranger for over four years. She used her experience with their products to give insight into new Ranger products like the new dabbers, glue sticks ("this one works!") and art brushes.  She recounted the information like an enthusiastic engineer and we were all intent on hearing every word.

Dyan certainly seems pleased with her success. Even in this economy, she's busy: teaching and preaching (1) permission, (2) confidence, and (3) self esteem in art.  She believes her success is because she's an educator, reinforcing techniques, not limiting her class to using specific products.

Dyan Reaveley holding Tracey Adams' winning entry to
Ranger Dylusions online competition

"I want people to FEEL, 'I did that!'" - Dyan

Well the "luv-ly" people in her class last night at Ink About It thoroughly enjoyed learning all they could from Dyan Reavely.  They were able to use Ranger Dylusions' wonderful new ink and stamping products at the personal direction of Ranger's newest Signature Designer.

"Who's coming to my classes tomorrow? (Hands go up) Good!  The rest of you: Why not??" - Dyan

Dyan is finalized her appearance today at Ink About It with her Accordion Book and Canvas Art Classes today.  This weekend she is a featured artist at The Collins Group Spring Education and Trade Show in Framingham, MA:
- Saturday: 3 classes (Altered Book, Canvas Art and Big Tags)
- Saturday Night: Make 'N Take
- Sunday: Demonstration "on the stand"

"Remember 'ART' is the journey.  Don't worry about what other people think of it.  They weren't there.  I mean, life's crap, anyway, without someone telling you your art's wrong!" - Dyan

{Happy} Ink About It is completely stocked with Dylusions of all sorts!  So put away your "fuss pot" and head over and pick up your supplies.  The ladies at Ink About It will look forward to sharing with you all the Dylusions techniques they have learned.
Lori Champine, Dyan Reavely and Linda Donovan
Happy Day, Laurel Lee Pollard


  1. ooh eck, am I really that bossy, lol. I prefer to call it passion, hahaha.Was so lovely to meet you Laurel and all the other gorgeous ladies xxx

  2. Wow...I got to re-live the class all over again...great job capturing all the details!! And...thanks for the pic!! :-) FYI...I didn't have to submit anything to Ranger to win the contest...just posted a comment on their blog - it was completely random. Have a GREAT weekend!!

  3. Fab review! I stumbled upon this today - and I'm going to drive to Dallas area this weekend to take four of her classes! Whoo hoo!