Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Store Explore: Scrappy Boutique

Oh, what a great week in Florida!  Our annual trip to the Sunshine State was a huge success with trips to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney and the all-new Legoland!  With all those unbelievable memories, I needed what?? MORE PAPER!!

Well, with all their acreage of theme parks, I could not find a scrapbook store anywhere to be found at Disney World!  The only thing I found was a little "Memories" tag-on section to their Art of Disney store in Downtown Disney.  They offered fuzzy pens, picture frames, kiddie pencil boxes, but VERY limited selection for the paper crafter - which anyone can find at a big box retailer {Sad}.

So, do you think I went home empty handed from the Land of the Mouse?  Nooooo: I called the intrepid Cheryl Mezzetti, who offered a hot lead on a great scrapbook store for me - Scrappy Boutique!  It's conviently located over by The Parks and, boy, did they have more than I could ask for - and a paper crafter does NOT say that very often!

The store was BUSY.  The staff was working hard: Julie was checking out customers and Mari was restocking merchandise and inventorying.  Groups of customers were in, out, shopping, buying . . . sales were racking up and it was easy to see why.
Scrappy Boutique staff join me for a piccie:
Mari (L) and Julie (R)
The staff was unbelievable.  The owner, Stacey, was on vacation - but you wouldn't know it.  Julie was behind the counter and greeted every customer - recognizing many by name.  But it was more that just the "Hi, let me know what I can help you with . . ."  She was personable; really asking people how've they been, what they're working on, what they're planning on doing on their vacation . . just engaged with her customers.  You could SEE the customers responding positively to her -

- and {JOY!} they had all the Disney Princess and Fairies merchandise I was looking for {HAPPY}!

RACKS of the single sheet licensed papers by EK Success that I have trouble getting here in New England -
- and all the embellishments I could ask for.  Mari was in the process of filling out another order because they needed even more!

The greatest "get" was merchandise for my little guy.  Plenty of merchandise for Mickey Mouse along with Cars and Winnie the Pooh by EK Success as well.

Scrappy Boutique brought out my "Happy Momma" with their selection Creative Imaginations licensed product lines that reflected our "Theme Park Vacation" including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lego. 

Finally!  I could stock up on little boy's merchandise!  Can I get an "Amen!" to that??

 While I was focused on the Disney merchandise, that was only a small part of the themes they carried.  Some of my favorites were:

School: I picked up some Head of the Class by Little Yellow Bicycle
Military: including a great selection by, again, Creative Imaginations 

A great find: BBQ/Fiesta!  YEAH!  I went into this rack BIG TIME.  OMGoodnes, I emerged with the BEST STUFF from Reminisce!  CHEERS! 

. . . But those are just my personal favorite finds.  They had an extensive selection of paper craft product lines including 7 gypies, Maya Road, My Minds Eye and MANY others (Yes, I bought the Simple Stories papers Julie recommended. LOVE).

Scrappy Boutique also offers a HUGE selection of crafting supplies to enhance layout pages: bunches of Tim Holtz and a plentiful supply of Copic Markers, Tattered Angels Mists, pens, ink pads, dies, stamps, bling . . .

I encourage you to take advantage of Scrappy Boutique's Loyalty Program (yes, I joined!), and their terrific online store that has free shipping on domestic orders over $75.  PLUS when you buy your paper at Scrappy Boutique, you can use their AccuCut and Sizzix dies and cutters for FREE!  WOOT!
OMGoodness, if only I had more time to explore - I'd only scratched the surface!  But when I received the text, "Honey, if you're looking for your family, we're out in the car," I knew it was time to start wrapping it up . . .

Scrappy Boutique's product lines were plentiful, fresh, current and deep.  It really was inspiring to consider all the layout options they made available to their customers.  The next time you're in the Orlando area (and many of my friends are there RIGHT NOW on Spring Break!) get over to Scrappy Boutique - they have all kinds of "totally scraplift-worthy" ideas that you'll want (no, wait, NEED) to buy and make up for yourself!

I'll leave you a lasting impression of Scrappy Boutique that will have YOU excited to get happy scrappy, too:

Scrappy Boutique
730 Sand Lake Road, #134
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 856-8070
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** UPDATE: 04/18/12 - Scrappy Boutique was just voted BEST CRAFT STORE IN ORLANDO!  Local Scrapbook Stores ROCK!!

Happy Day, Laurel Lee Pollard


  1. Wow! You really lucked out by finding Scrappy B. I live in Davenport, which is SE of the Parks, and whenever I get that tingling in my fingers that I need more 'stuff' I head to my favorite store in the Universe! And you found it!.. Now for another co-incidence. I'm originally from Portsmouth NH! so If I get back up into New England, I'll be sure to come visit.

  2. Michelle - So happy to hear you enjoy Scrappy Boutique as much as I did! We're always happy to welcome scrappers to New England - Check us out on facebook for all the latest NEPC info! www.facebook.com/NEPaperCrafts

  3. Geesh, I "liked" your FB page but never even thought to look and see if there was a website listed! gah! Glad to have found you here, too! And YouTube! Wow!
    Thanks once again for the super giveaway of Vendor Faire tix for this weekend! Can N.O.T. wait!!! ;)
    I, too, am a crafty blogger ... just took a much needed break from blogging and am sure the loot I grab at CKC-Manchester Vendor Faire will hurl me back into action .... thanks to NEPC!!
    Thanks again!
    p.s. Tell the kiddo's that I am glad I ended up the "moe" in the ennie meanie battle!! ;)