Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Preparing for My "Life"

Tell me, is there any scrapbooker that isn't currently doing some sort of skew on Becky Higgins® Project Life®?  Beck has certainly created a design phenomenon - and no wonder!

I watched her design debut with American Crafts unfold at the Craft & Hobby Association show last year and I was totally hooked.  Having an active family with two young children, she obviously has the scrapbooking answers I am looking for.  Her product line is:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Trendy and
  • Clean
Quickly, I bought two different sets of the her Core Kit (one for each child) with extra journaling cards, albums, photo pocket pages of all description.  I love, love, love my Project Life products!  Even the packaging is sleek, stylish and best of all, organized.

I have a wonderful way to use her organizational features found on her website to help you get a jump start on your Project Life layouts:

First: From the "Freebies" tab on her homepage, I printed out the two-page "Project Life Photo Pocket Page Design Reference" on card stock.  I wanted to add it to a dedicated 12 X 12 album, so I overlaid Becky's pocket page onto the printout to use it as a template.

I outlined where the holes needed to be punched.

Viewing the Design Reference side-by-side allowed me to see the whole collection in one glance.  I punched the holes out so I could use them as a "book view."

I added all the different Project Life page layouts I had into a dedicated 12 X 12 Project Life album, each under a separate tab, and added the hole-punched Design Reference sheets to the front, and highlighted the type of layouts I had on hand on the Design Reference.

Next, I considered which photos were absolutely necessary to the layout that I wanted to create.

Laying out my "must have photos" with the design options in view, I could easily begin to see which layout would be most appropriate for my "must have" photos.

I flipped to the back of my album to pick the pocket page layouts I wanted to use.

Lastly, I did a quick check of my layout by using the Project Life pocket page as an overlay to my photos.  I began by adding my "must have" photos first, then I plugged in some additional favorite photos where appropriate.

Once I had a dedicated album of:
  • my stacks of different Project Life pocket page layout designs organized and tabbed, 
  • and the Project Life Design Reference pages printed and highlighted with the pocket pages I had on hand,

it was smoooooth sailing after that!  Treat yourself by making a Project Life Design Reference book of your own - you'll be smooth sailing, too, before you know it!

Tell me, what's the best way you stay organized with Project Life?

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