Friday, April 19, 2013

The Craft & Hobby Association Hosts Town Hall Meeting at The Collins Group Show

Hello, Gorgeouses!!

TODAY is the official start to The Collins Group Spring Education and Trade Show!  Want to get a feel of what YOUR Local Scrapbook Store (LSS) owners, managers and in-house designers have had the opportunity to experience today?  This event is {to the trade, ONLY} but you can get a peek at last year's FIRST DAY HERE.

One of the new segments of the Show was held last night - the Sizzix eclips Certification Class.  Papercraft Club House in Westbrook, CT, has already posted a piccie from the class on their facebook page, so we know you will be able to expect expert Sizzix eclips instruction at their store!

What else is new this year at The Collins Group Show?  WELL . . .  I'm excited about the Town Hall Forum that is going to be hosted by Andrej Suskavcevic, President and CEO of the Craft & Hobby Association!

The event is scheduled for 8am on Sunday, April 21st.  Andrej will be looking forward to a conversation about the needs of the Local Scrapbook Store.  He will be offering his insights as to how our LSSes can leverage the resources of the association to their best advantage.

Keri Cunningham, Director of Marketing for CHA, encouraged, "Andrej Suskavcevic will answer questions regarding CHA's innovative initiatives and events, including our summer show format for 'Create and Connect,' being held in Las Vegas."

I'm sure many questions will be raised about the remarkable news that CHA is teaming with the GLM to produce the "Creative Conference" in association with the National Stationary Show next month in New York City - which will increase CHA's already solid footing here on the East Coast.

I, for one, am mostly excited about the Craft & Hobby Association's newest initiative, CRE8TIME. 

According to Cathy Martell, Assistant Director of Marketing for the organization," serves as the hub of the CRE8TIME social movement.  It is a community where 'CRE8TORS' share their crafts, pledge their hours, get inspired, stay informed and learn how to reclaim eight hours a month."

In other words, "Let's get CRAFTY!!"

I first became aware of the CRE8TIME movement during CHA-W 2013.  It is FULL of opportunity - and it's for all of us!  If you're part of an organization, school club, one of our fabulous local retailers, or even an independent artist, CRE8TIME is available to all! . . . and did I mention?? It's all FREE!
One of my faves, Jennifer Priest of Hydrangea Hippo, at the CHA-W 2013 booth, kicking off CRE8TIME

I am taking advantage of CRE8TIME resources to reach my crafty goal for New England Paper Crafts in 2013: To get "boots on the ground," and GET OUT THERE!  I am rallying my paper crafting associates to unite in this effort by joining the "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts" CRE8TIME team.

Truly remarkable paper crafting industry leaders from across New England have already enlisted, such as: Kim Schofield of eclectic Paperie, Kim Parkinson of Kept Creations, Sizzix Design Team Member, Amy Friend of During Quiet Time.  I have prepared CRE8TIME resources within our team that will help us build wonderful, inspiring, and well-attended paper crafting events.

We welcome more enthusiastic members to our "Inspire! New England Paper Crafts Team!"

  • Do you host a well-attended crop? 
  • Do you teach a paper crafting event at your library/community center/museum/church that draws in people from your community?  
  • Are you a retailer that has a schedule FULL of exciting classes that are all sold out?  

If not, do you WANT to??  Join our team, take advantage of the CRE8TIME resources, and I'll be there, as your team leader, to help - for FREE!

Keep in mind . . . . CRE8TIME teams are only one small segment of the CRE8TIME movement!  They have an online CRE8TION Gallery, Facebook page, twitter and MORE!

I'm looking forward to Sunday's CHA Town Hall Meeting to hear input from other retailers, outlining what they're doing within the CRE8TIME movement - there's so much that can be accomplished!

'Till then, I'd like to introduce you to the host of Sunday's CHA Town Hall Meeting at The Collins Group Spring Education and Trade Show, Andrej Suskavcevic, as he engages his "crafty side ~"

So, go, NOW!  "Like" CRE8TIME on Facebook, "follow" them on twitter and Pinterest, and create your own CRE8TIME account on their website and post to their online CRE8TIONS Gallery!  It's all for YOU, our crafty friends!

I look forward to hearing what you think about CRE8TIME and how YOU will be pushing the CRE8TIME movement forward in your life!

Happy Day, Laurel

Laurel Lee Pollard, Online Publisher, Promoter
New England Paper Crafts

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