Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We had a HOOT on Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day was this past Sunday, September 9th.  It was the perfect opportunity to show my mother, "Gammy" as she's known to the kiddies, what Sizzix dies can do with fabric!  I scraplifted this appliqué project from Sizzix Design Team Member and New Englander, Amy Friend from During Quiet Time.

As you can see, Gammy's an AVID sewer - so this would be a perfect project to share with her in celebration of Grandparents Day, with a little help from the babes!

We start by cutting the fabric to 6".  Prewashing is recommended -

Iron flat.

We cut the Steam-A-Seam iron-on to 6" to fit our fabric piece.  This is the appliqué webbing that has special paper on each side.  $2.99/pk at Joann's Fabric & Craft.

We peeled off one side of the paper (save this paper for later), laid the webbing side onto the fabric, and PRESSED  the iron onto the paper.  *We did not move the iron side to side as we would regularly.  Press, lift. Move, press, lift.*

All of our colors are prepped with appliqué webbing!

We're using Dena Design Sizzix Bigz Owl Die from her brand new "Happi Baby" Collection.  These dies are "larger than life," and they're wonderful for appliqué!  All the pieces are included on this one die - the owl, eyes, pupils, beak, wings and feet.  We cut the owl base first, which takes up most of the space, so we laid the fabric over the entire die.

Susan is a highly experienced Sizzix BIGkick user.  After making her Sizzix sandwich, she's showing Gammy how it's done -

Next, we're just cutting out the pieces, so we layer fabric over the appropriate parts of the die.  The die can slice right through multiple layers of fabric at one time, so we're stacking them up!

The eyes of the owl stay attached by a THREAD, so they are easy to keep in place while we assemble our appliqué.  *When I use the die for paper, they pop right out.*

We used some of the discarded Steam-A-Seam backer paper (it's similar to parchment) to assemble our owl on the paper, so the appliqué doesn't stick to the ironing board.  While leaving the paper on the back of the owl, we removed the backer paper from the pieces, starting with the beak, and layered them on to the owl.  *This is one of the reasons I love Sizzix dies:  you don't have to worry about getting the pattern adjusted correctly - the cut-outs for the eyes show you right where to start!

Beak's done, now the eyes, pupils, wings and feet!  Again, the Dena Designs Sizzix die gives you the pattern base for the placement of the feet.  Easy peasy!

Cutie patootie!

We pull the appliqué from the paper and remove the backer paper of the owl . . . 

place it on our t-shirt . . .

press down iron (again, not side to side motion!) to adhere.

While the Steam-A-Seam is enough to hold the appliqué, we wanted a finished look.  We pinned Pellon's Stitch-N-Tear stabilizer ($2.99/yd at Joanne's) to the back of the t-shirt, behind the owl, to give it some form so we could top-stitch a zig-zag edge.

After top-stiching, we flipped the t-shirt over and started pulling off the Stitch-N-Tear.

For the middle, we used a pin to scrape the Stitch-N-Tear, so we wouldn't damage the t-shirt underneath.

We finished peeling the Stitch-N-Tear from the middle of our appliqué.  We found that little bits will stay caught in the stitching, which is why Amy Friend recommended Sulky Tender Touch.  The next time I try this, I'm going to check out a Water Soluble Stabilizer option.

We were so HAPPY with the result . . . 

we made a coordinating wristlet to go with it!!

Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration from Amy Friend of During Quiet Time.  She's always coming up with great ways to expand our crafty use of our Sizzix BIGKick and dies!

Happy Day, Laurel Lee Pollard

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